Jeddito Cleaner




It’s surprisingly easy to use.

All you do is mix up the amount you need. Don’t mix up more than you need as it does revert back to water after three days. Store unmixed product at room temperature, away from water or moisture to prevent unintended activation. Jeddito is perfect for any household cleaning job and can replace hydrogen peroxide or bleach, and anything in between! A little goes a long way. Avoid excessive potency by using the following ratio:
1 TBSP per gallon or ¼ tsp per cup. While using less can still be effective we recommend that you do not use more than this.

Common uses:
Amazing at Removing unwanted odor
Add 2 tbsp to the load of laundry to brighten whites, sanitize clothes and remove odor and associated bacteria.
Deodorize stinky shoes
Clean carpets
Removes pet odors
Hand sanitizer
Clean and remove odor from Front load washer
Sanitize kitchen, bathroom or any area of germs

$40 per one pound container, which when mixed, is the equivalent of 30 gallons of cleaner. Each one pound container is slightly larger than a coffee mug.