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Meet Fanny

I pretty much think she is the cutest thing ever. When you buy Jeddito, not only do you have a product you can use to keep your home clean for those you think are the cutest ever, but you are also helping seniors and families like Fanny who live on the reservation.

Collaboration for Good

I cannot solve this alone, but together, we can make life better for our brothers and sisters in Jeddito and beyond.  Most importantly we are letting people like my sister, Geri, know that we see them, that they matter, and that we care.  Thank you for joining us in a Collaboration for Good.  

Non-toxic Powerful Clean

Jeddito is a green product that is activated by mixing with water, and after three days, begins to biodegrade back to water, so it’s safe for the environment.  Mix only what you plan to use within that three day window.  

You can use Jeddito for virtually any cleaning application.  It is effective against fungus, bacteria and viruses. 


The community of Jeddito is unique, because although it is a part of the Navajo Nation, it is located in the middle of the Hopi Reservation, which means that it is isolated from it’s tribe, and because of that, is often excluded from outside help that the rest of the Navajo Nation receives.


The people of Jeddito continue to be plagued with two severe ongoing issues that we have chosen to focus on; access to clean water and appropriate sanitation.


Do Good

Gallon for gallon they will have the same ability to effectively rid their homes of viruses, fungus and bacteria, in a manner that is safe and green!  No more polluting the groundwater, or introducing dangerous chemicals into the environment.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Our passion to collaborate for the greater good has led us to this amazing product, which we have named after the community that inspired our vision.

When you choose to purchase Jeddito, you are not only purchasing a safe and incredibly effective product that you will love, but because of the generosity of the manufacturer and his belief in our vision, you are providing a family or elderly member of the Jeddito community with the same product.

When you buy one, we give one to Jeddito.

Ready for a
Good Clean

Jeddito is perfect for any household cleaning job and can replace hydrogen peroxide or bleach, and anything in between! A little goes a long way.

Amazing Multi-Use Cleaner

Jeddito is perfect for any household cleaning job and can replace hydrogen peroxide or bleach, and anything in between!


Brighten whites, sanitize clothes and remove odor and associated bacteria. Clean and remove odor from Front load washer.

Kitchen and Bath

Sanitizes and cleans countertops, floors, walls, toilets, sinks and showers. Safe for pets and biodegradable.


Remove unwanted odor, deodorize and sanitize shoes, even mix up a batch for hand sanitizer!

This same product is used by restoration companies dealing with water damage and mold, as well as churches, cities, nursing homes and several direct selling companies because of its versatility and effectiveness for professional and home use.

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There are many problems in the world that one person cannot solve, but by collaborating together, we can do more than we may initially think is possible. Together we can make a difference. Reach out if you have questions.

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